What do I need before scheduling an appointment?

PDF Checksheet Here

All Clients: Please have the following information available at the time of your appointment:
The client tax questionnaire should be filled out in advance, if possible, before the first home visit
Prior year tax return if available
A picture id for taxpayer and spouse
Social security cards for taxpayer, spouse, and dependents
Taxpayer and spouse full names and dates of birth
Dependents - full names and dates of birth
Dependent care expenses - need provider's name, address, tax payer identification #, and total amount paid for the year
W-2's for all jobs worked during the 2021 tax year
Information on any additional income not reported on a W-2

For Schedule C for sole proprietorships

Receipts or records documenting business income received during 2015
Receipts for business related expenditures
Mileage log, if applicable, if deducting mileage expense
If depreciating assets, details of date they were placed into service, as well as the costs are needed. Often this can be located on the prior year return reflecting this information
Extra charges may apply if the sole proprietorship's records must be organized and categorized.

For Schedule A & B (itemized returns)

Any Form 1099's received (for interest, dividends, unemployment received, IRA distributions, etc)
Form 1098's
Support for any deductions claimed (receipts for real estate taxes paid, medical expenses, charitable giving, work expenses)

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